Detective Bureau/Investigations

The Logan Township Police Department Detective Bureau actively investigates all major incidents within the Township of Logan.  The Detective unit’s Responsibilities include inquiries and anaylsis into all major crimes to include those involving serious bodily injury, death, homicide, robbery, burglary, narcotics, arson, sexual assault, fraud, theft,  or the attempts thereof.

Investigations involving complicated questions of law, bias incidents, suicides, and circumstances that by themselves or in totality will require extended police intervention, interviewing and/or extensive follow-up or multiple inter/intra agency cooperation also fall under the branch of the Detective Unit.  This has been expanded to include residential burglaries that require immediate attention and/or scene processing.

Investigators are also responsible for processing, storage, and maintenance of evidence as well as Firearms Applicant Background Checks and Megan’s Law Registration and Compliance.

To contact someone from the Detective Unit please call police headquarters, Dial “0” and ask to speak to an Investigator.  Or to select a specific investigator’s extension please dial the appropriate extension listed below:

Det. Marie Frey, Extension 3030


An Investigator is generally available at police headquarters from 7 AM – 4 PM, Monday -Friday (Except Holidays) and by appointment.  Please call police headquarters in advance in order to assure that an investigator is available.