About Us


The Logan Township Police Department was established as a full time department in 1971 after a group of local residents petitioned the Township Council to create a full-time Police Department. It replaced the part-time Police Department that had been staffed by a group of local residents who served the community as special officers along with the New Jersey State Police who primarily handled all law enforcement functions to include patrolling, investigating crimes, and arrests.

Records indicate that early year Law Enforcement Officers, which included Constables, dated back into the 1930’s. They had to utilize their own automobiles to patrol the Township and their homes became makeshift police stations used to process and detain individuals that had been arrested. In 1958, Lewis Heilman, was appointed to serve as the first part-time Police Chief to oversee the special officers. As the needs of the 26.8 square mile Township, which included the sections that we know as Bridgeport, Repaupo, Center Square and Nortonville, continued to grow, the need increased to create a full-time police department and on June 6th, 1971, Donald Zane was hired as the first full-time police officer and then on December 8th, 1971, he was appointed as the first full-time Logan Township Police Chief. The first official police station was established at 73 Main St. in the Bridgeport section of the Township and consisted of one room in the municipal building. The building still stands on Main Street today and is currently used by the Township’s historical society.

The department grew slowly in the 1970’s with the addition of a few full-time officers, but the 1970’s also saw the beginning of the Beckett housing development and the Pureland Industrial Park. These two new developments brought a whole new look to the once rural Township located along the Delaware River and as they grew, the need for a larger police department continued to increase.

Today, the department’s 20 sworn officers serve 6,177 residents and patrol the largest industrial park on the East Coast along with shopping areas and major roadways to include Interstate highways Rt. 295, Rt 130 and Rt. 322. Presently the Township is served from Police Headquarters located in the Bridgeport section.