Public Notice – Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s) are now in use

The Logan Township Police Department has acquired and implemented the use of Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s). We have been utilizing MVR’s (Mobile Video Recorders) in our vehicles for over 15 years with great success. Phasing in the BWC’s will enhance our capabilities in this arena by:
1) Providing objective evidence of what took place in a police-citizen encounter.
2) Discouraging all parties from engaging in inappropriate conduct and from providing false information about an encounter.
3) Capturing accurate visual depictions of evidence including where and how evidence was found.
4) Capturing the physical appearance of suspects and victims.
5) Documenting witness and suspect statements.
6) BWC’s will serve to supplement and corroborate police reports and officer testimony.
Their use will be governed by, and in accordance, with the NJ Attorney General’s Directive and Logan Township Police Standard Operating Procedure on BWC’s