The Logan Township Police Department has recently acquired and implemented the use of new, upgraded Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s).  Displayed below, the Department will be utilizing the Axon Body 3 model.  We have been utilizing BWC’s since March 2018, and MVR’s (Mobile Video Recorders) in our vehicles for over 18 years with great success.  The footage captured by these devices provides objective evidence of what occurred during public encounters with law enforcement, and plays a crucial role in the public discourse around police accountability.  BWCs also serve as a powerful deterrent to misconduct by both the police and members of the public interacting with police.  The New Jersey Legislature has mandated universal BWC implementation with new laws requiring the use of BWC’s by all “uniformed patrol officers” in the course of their duties.  Accordingly, the New Jersey Attorney General issued Directive 2021-5 guiding the use of BWCs.  We are proud to have been early adopters of this technology, and are available to discuss the implementation with anyone interested. 


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