Logan Township Police Department Request for Home/Property Check

Notify us when you will be away on vacation and patrol officers will check your home once a shift to ensure it is secure.


Logan Township Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request Form

Use this form to request any reports you may need form our agency.

OPRA Request Form

Logan Township Police Department Stolen Property Report

You can complete your list of stolen property and submit it to us to be added to the report.

STOLEN PROPERTY REPORT* (Please Print Out and Sign the Completed Form)


Logan Township Police Department Written Statement Form

Complete this form any time you are a witness or victim and need to have your account of the incident documented.

WRITTEN STATEMENT FORM* (Please Print Out and Sign the Completed Form)


New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Application for Temporary (Handicap) Placard

HDC_Placard_Temp *Note: Application must be completed and brought to Police Headquarters during normal business hours by applicant and is not valid without the signature of the Chief of Police.

New Jersey State Police Firearms Forms Page

NJSP Firearms Forms

Note:  Each of these forms can be filled out electronically, saved, and sent to police headquarters via fax at (856) 467-2614 ATTN: “Officers Name”, or they can be sent as an email attachment to the specified officer.  Email addresses are available via the Office Directory.