Helping Victims of Crimes

  • Don’t blame the victim or tell him or her not to be upset, angry, or afraid. Be a comfort and do what you can to ease the situation.


  • If the victim hasn’t told the police, offer to help with a report.


  • Offer to help the victim repair damage from a crime, replace a windowpane, install a new lock, replace important papers or help with day-to-day needs like transportation, baby-sitting, and cooking.


  • Be willing to just sit and listen to the victim talk about the crime. It can help some victims to talk, although others will not want to. Don’t try to make a victim talk if he or she does not want to!


  • Ask your local police about victims’ counseling and support groups in the area, and encourage the victim to take part. Ask what you can do to help in the future, and make it a point to get back in touch.

Additonally, many services are available by dialing “211” from any touch-tone phone.